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    Just as important as the engine is the gearbox. In the Toyota & Lexus world, there are a few different choices for different engine and horsepower combination.
    We at CBS Racing have experience with most available gearboxes for Toyota & Lexus and will help you choose the best to fit your needs.

    Having the correct tools, original data, a dedicated clean room and of course experience, means that CBS has the capability to rebuild and/or upgrade gearboxes in-house, ensuring your gearbox is of the highest quality standard, whether it is a manual or automatic gearbox.

    All our rebuilds and upgrades are performed to the wish of the customer.


    The rebuild or upgrade of a gearbox starts with taking apart the housings in our dedicated cleanroom until the gears, bearings and synchro’s are visible. We use original data to measure and determine the health of the current parts, which results in a good baseline ensuring durability, figuring out the points of improvement and avoiding unexpected costs.

    At this point, we will know what parts are worn and what needs to be done. We will inform the customer beforehand about the status of the internals of the gearbox and what needs to be made to ensure a high performing gearbox.

    After that, depending on the customers’ wishes we will start the rebuild. Whilst rebuilding, proper cleanliness is kept into high consideration and working with the manufacturers’ specifications is ensured.

    Again, depending on the customers’ wishes, the gearbox housings can be cleaned and/or sandblasted during the rebuild.

    Our favorite gearboxes include Toyota’s V160, R154 and E153 – they’re very strong powerhouses from the factory and seen performing perfectly at high horsepower applications.