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    About us


    From two strangers crossing paths on the highway, both driving the same car and sharing a deep passion for the automotive world, we’ve evolved into a well-established and innovative garage specializing in Lexus and Toyota.

    What began as a hobby, tinkering with our own cars and those of friends, unveiled the potential and demand for our work. Our focus naturally gravitated toward Japanese cars, particularly our beloved brands, Toyota and Lexus.

    As a result of this passion and demand, CBS Automotive/CBS Racing B.V. came to life in February 2017.

    Initially, it began as a modest garage, primarily focused on car maintenance and the sale of used parts. Encouraged by positive feedback, our journey led us to continuous evolution, gradually creating space for more extensive projects and car upgrades.

    Since then, we’ve gathered the latest tools and equipment, technical data, wiring diagrams, and, most importantly, valuable experience! Additionally, we’ve become authorized dealers for many top brands, transforming the company into a versatile shop capable of meeting all our customers’ needs.

    At CBS Racing, we aim to be the go-to shop for Toyota and Lexus drivers, offering top-notch parts, services, and advice.

    From the beginning, we dreamed of getting into drifting. In late 2018, that dream came true with our first drift car: a Lexus IS200 powered by a 2JZ engine. This marked the start, and now we have a solid drift team. Currently consisting of two Lexus IS220d (3UZ-FE).

    The CBS Team consists of very creative and innovative people, and therefore it doesn’t stop at having the top brands and keeping things as they are.
    Because we love everything about cars and racing, we get how frustrating it can be to get products or tools that are just “okay” but not really what you’re looking for. We’re here to change that.

    That’s why we’re always working to make these products better and develop these products ourselves.

    Now, we’ve opened our webshop.

    We’re meticulous in choosing what we sell and what we put in our own and our customers’ cars. So, you can trust us—we’ve got your back, and we won’t let you down with a faulty or broken part.

    At CBS Racing, our goal is to be the top choice for our fellow car enthusiasts! We aim to achieve that by treating our customers the way they deserve and providing exceptional service—always giving our 110%.

    • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us!


    Our general workshop for normal road cars. Get your Toyota or Lexus maintained at a higher quality level than your local garage. Being specialized in these two brands means we have the required experience, tools and technical data on all Toyota & Lexus models.
    We are also dealers of original Toyota & Lexus parts(Toyota Europe), guaranteeing high-quality parts.

    CBS Automotive also has a large stock of secondhand Toyota/Lexus parts, both for use during repairs and/or for selling separately. This also helps to keep down the costs for our customers during intensive repairs.

    Our motorsport division – here we make cars go fast!

    From full racecar builds, to engine and powertrain upgrades, adding turbo & superchargers, handling improvements by upgrading suspension and brakes, fitting of aftermarket parts to adding a little spoiler that makes your car stand out from the rest… !

    CBS Racing also does full engine rebuilds, gearbox rebuilds, custom intake & exhaust systems and wiring looms.  Anything you need!

    Our online webshop.

    Buy our products easier at any time!
    Shop OEM parts, the best aftermarket brands, and more…

    We strive to be the first shop of choice for our fellow car enthusiasts! And we plan to do that by taking care of our customers the way they deserve and deliver 110% service, always!

    Happy shopping!