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    Forced induction

    Everyone loves boost, and so do we! Complete turbo or supercharger conversions, custom setups, we do them all!

    We help you out specifying the right charger for your power and usage goals, whether you’re aiming for a fast-spooling, reliable streetcar or racer, or a high-horsepower dragster.


    Whether you desire the instant torque of a supercharger or the thrilling surge of power when your turbocharger spools, we can guide you in selecting and building the perfect setup. Whether it’s a custom arrangement or a bolt-on kit…. We might even have our own CBS Racing kit that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

    After choosing the kit, we’ll check and ensure that your engine and setup can handle the additional boost.

    If necessary we can customize the intercooler & piping in-house to perfectly fit the new setup. The oil feed and drain will be made using our FIA Approved Pro-Line AN fittings, ensuring a tight seal for a reliable and leak-free oiling system.

    We offer supercharger cradles and setups, along with comprehensive management solutions to handle your newfound power!

    This is an opportune moment to consider a custom intake or exhaust for your setup!