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    At CBS Racing we also provide full driveline solutions from the gearbox and back, differential rebuilds and reshims, LSD upgrades to Custom prop shafts and CV joints… It’s all possible.
    We work together with the costumer, engineers, and machinist in order to produce durable strong and neat results fitting the needs and wishes of our customers.


    Putting the power to the ground reliably is just as important as making the power in the first place, so when we are planning out a build with a customer, we start with a chat about what is expected from the car.

    Based on that, we can choose the right prop shaft and differential setup, single piece or split prop shaft, 1 or 2 way LSD, gearing ratios, as well as the power and strain levels.

    Revision and rebuilds of differentials start with a specification check to make sure the diffs internals are not worn excessively.

    At this point, we can strip down the diff to a bare case and get it recoated,  if wanted. The differential is then built back up with the proper specifications to fulfill our customers’ needs and is documented with both photos and values.