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    We all know those electrical demons that can cause you a lot of headaches and cost much more than you anticipated. At CBS we are in our prime when solving electrical issues on Lexus and Toyota.

    Regardless of digital or physical issues, we have the know-how and equipment needed to swiftly sift through your wiring and computers, locate, diagnose and solve the issue, saving you time and money in the process!


    We start out by determining the affected areas of the issue you are having, and find out if it is a computer or a wiring problem.

    • If it’s a wiring problem we will go through the original manufacturer’s diagrams to narrow down our search area, locate the issue and perform a good lasting and secure repair of the wiring loom.
    • Computer-related problems can be more complicated. However, we will narrow down the search for the issue by figuring out which computers are responsible for the problem area and how they interact with other systems.

    Once found, we will (if possible) repair the computers in-house or provide second hand or brand new replacements.

    We don’t believe in the “throw money and parts until the problem is solved” philosophy often used by garages. We like to have, as much as possible, the highest level of certainty possible before we replace anything!

    We guarantee you a great result with our electrical know-how and troubleshooting abilities!