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    We’re familiar with the challenging electrical issues that can be a source of headaches and unforeseen costs. At CBS, we specialize in effectively resolving electrical problems, especially on Lexus and Toyota vehicles.

    Whether it’s digital or physical issues, we possess the expertise and equipment to efficiently navigate through your wiring and computers. We can locate, diagnose, and resolve the issue swiftly, saving you both time and money in the process!


    We initiate the process by identifying the specific areas affected by the issue you’re experiencing, determining whether it’s related to a computer or a wiring problem.

    • If it’s a wiring problem, we will refer to the original manufacturer’s diagrams to pinpoint the affected area, locate the issue, and carry out a lasting and secure repair of the wiring loom.
    • Computer-related problems can be more complex. Nevertheless, we streamline the search for the issue by identifying which computers are responsible for the problem area and understanding how they interact with other systems.

    Once located, we will, if possible, handle the repair of the computers in-house or offer second-hand or brand-new replacements.

    We don’t subscribe to the “throw money and parts until the problem is solved” philosophy commonly employed by some garages. We prefer to attain the highest level of certainty possible before considering any replacements, minimizing unnecessary costs and ensuring an effective solution.

    We guarantee you a great result with our electrical know-how and troubleshooting abilities!