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    Retrofitting means new technology or functions into older systems. We offer retrofitting services to upgrade your existing halogen headlights to projector headlights, enabling a proper HID Xenon installation. This approach ensures optimal performance, as directly installing Xenon bulbs in halogen headlights can result in stray light and reduced light output.

    This upgrade ensures a clear and straight ‘cut-off line,’ enhancing your light output from 700-2100 lumens to 2800-3500 lumens. Importantly, it is fully compliant with European laws and APK regulations (MOT).

    An additional benefit is that if you have Right Hand Drive (RHD) headlights, this set allows you to convert them to Left Hand Drive (LHD).


    We begin by identifying the necessary parts and projectors that best suit your headlights.
    (In some cases, the headlights will have to be shown if it’s an unknown model to us.)

    After that, we’ll discuss the different options for either Bi-Xenon, ballasts, or different light bulbs.

    Installing the projectors involves removing the glass from the housing and, in some cases, making minor modifications to the housing and/or lenses.
    During this process, with the glass removed, you also have the option to customize the appearance, such as painting the chrome in any desired color and sometimes removing the factory amber indicator glasses.

    After that, the headlight sealant will be replaced, and the headlight glass will be securely mounted to the housings. Finally, the headlight glasses will be polished for a good as new headlight.