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    Intake and exhaust

    In need of an intake or exhaust system? Or just want some more power and noise? We can help with that!
    We have skilled TIG welders with experience in building high quality and high strength systems in both aluminum and stainless steel.

    We are willing to accommodate any of your wishes and will help you with our technical know-how and experience to make the right decision and get the system to flow, fit and look nice!


    We start out by trying to determine the level of sound and what type of sound you are aiming to get by removing different dampers and tubes from your current system.

    Then its time to decide the sizing and the different features of the exhaust system: Size? Which dampers to use? How many? Where to place them…? And, if you want a removable cat system included.

    Regarding intakes: Which filter to use? Intercooler? Blow off? Vacuum nipples? When everything has been determined, then we proceed to mockup and tag up the system on your car and get the shape traced before we full weld it.

    Our emphasis with welding is strength, this means full penetration using filler always!

    We also advise backpurgeing on exhausts, but we leave this to the customer to have some flexibility with the price. When it comes to intakes we ALWAYS back purge.

    We do not want any contamination finding its way into the engine and we take extra care to make visible parts look good.