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    There are various ways to enhance the braking system, from upgraded rotors and pads to big brake kits. As dealers for multiple brands, CBS Racing provides a range of options for braking system upgrades.


    A solid initial move is to upgrade your rotors and pads. This provides more consistent braking, significantly reduces the risk of brake fade, and enhances resilience under demanding conditions across a broader heat range.

    Brake fluid is often overlooked but plays a crucial role in braking performance. High-quality brake fluid is essential for better resistance to brake fade, thanks to its higher boiling point and increased ability to resist moisture absorption.

    When you’ve pushed the factory brake calipers to their limits for your specific application, the only solution is a big brake kit. This may involve using a factory caliper from a different car mounted with an adapter or opting for an aftermarket kit. The design of the caliper, the number and size of pistons, rotor size, surface area of the brake pads, and, not to be overlooked, the tires, collectively determine the amount of brake force at your disposal and the resistance to brake fade during intense braking from high speeds and under track conditions.