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    Fuel system

    The fuel system is a vital aspect of any build, often overlooked and misunderstood. Fortunately, at CBS, we recognize its significance and understand its components.

    We carefully calculate and customize the fuel system based on your build’s requirements, whether it’s for everyday street use or competition. Our goal is to ensure that your engine has a reliable and ample supply of fuel whenever you step on the gas.


    We begin by determining your engine setup, current horsepower, and future goals. Based on these factors, we assist you in specifying and calculating the ideal fuel system setup to meet your needs.

    Experience with different brands and components makes it possible to set up a reliable and safe system.

    Street and competition cars come with diverse system requirements, but we’ve got all possibilities covered. Whether it’s a street car with upgraded injectors and multiple fuel pumps or a full-spec competition car equipped with a fuel cell, surge tank, and water/methanol injection, we’ve got the expertise to handle it all.