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    Looking for some more power but is your current engine not up to the task? Swap it!
    Engine swaps, also known as engine conversions, means replacing your stock engine with a completely different one.

    An engine swap is a complex process that involves a considerable amount of work and the creation of custom-built parts. Fortunately, we can manufacture all the necessary parts in-house, ranging from custom exhaust systems and engine mounts to the wiring loom.

    Popular engine choices for swaps include Toyota’s 2JZ, 3S, 4A, and Lexus’ UZ series.


    It all starts with a good plan. Together with the customer, we will determine the wanted results, parts and various options for the swap.

    We plan out the needed wiring, source the required parts, and prepare the engine in our dedicated engine room beforehand. This ensures the most efficient and least time-consuming way of performing an engine swap.

    Due to our usage of original parts, connectors and plugs, we can perform a ‘factory like’ installation. Guaranteeing a reliable and fault-free engine swap.

    This is also a good moment to take a custom intake or exhaust into consideration!