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    Beyond your engine management (ECU) overseeing your engine, numerous other computers and circuits handle tasks such as gauges, sensors, comfort functions, and signal management between them.

    Understanding how these circuits and systems interact is crucial when you aim to repair components or modify the system to meet your specific needs.

    When it comes to Toyota and Lexus wiring and electronics, we have acquired substantial experience and possess a high level of knowledge about specific systems. Our team has a well-developed understanding of the underlying philosophy with which Toyota and Lexus construct their systems.

    This expertise provides us with an advantage in resolving issues efficiently. Whether it’s modifying or changing systems, we aim for a clean solution not only on the surface but also behind the scenes. You can expect meticulous attention to detail and well-thought-out solutions throughout the process.


    Whether we’re addressing issues or incorporating new features, whether it involves a complete rewiring or connecting systems that were never intended to communicate, we prioritize informing our customers thoroughly. We make sure to provide detailed explanations of the available options, outlining why one choice may be preferable over another.

    When adding new features or swapping engines, it’s important for us to achieve a clean and tidy result. We aim for work that’s hard to spot, ensuring you won’t see our tracks.

    Everything should be easy to disconnect, without the need to cut or resolder wires when removing panels. Your gauges should still function, and the whole system should work seamlessly, coming together in harmony. Our goal is to provide you with a well-made system where all the functions you desire are easily accessible.

    We’re confident that the result you receive from us, is rarely seen in the car industry!