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    Besides your engine management ( ECU ) controlling your engine, there is also a large number of other computers and circuits taking care of things like gauges, sensors, comfort functions and signal management between them all.
    All these circuits and systems and how they interact is key when you want to either repair components or change the system to suit your needs

    When it comes to Toyota and Lexus wiring and electronics we are very experienced and have a high level of knowledge about specific systems and a very well developed understanding of the underlying philosophy witch Toyota and Lexus builds their systems upon, this gives us a leg up in solving issues efficiently as well as how to modify and change systems to gain a very clean solution both on the outside but also behind the scenes you will find a high level of attention to detail and a well thought thru solution!


    Depending on if we are solving issues or adding features, completely rewiring and hooking up systems to talk to each other that was never meant to talk to each other, we always make sure to inform our customers as well as possible to the options available and why you would choose one over the other.

    When it comes to adding features, or when it comes to engine swaps it very important for us that the end result is neat front and back, that you will have a hard time seeing what we have done and where we have been , that everything is disconnectable and without having to cut and resolder wiring in order to remove panels, that your gauges still work, that the interaction between the system is seamless and smooth and that it all comes together in harmony, giving you that feeling of a well made system with all the functions you would like at your fingertips

    We are sure you will get an end result from us rarely seen in the car industry!