CBS Racing OEM Style 2JZ GTE DBW throttle body adaptor kits, now with optional integrated MAP+IAT sensor.

Designed and developed by CBS Racing due to the inability to find any clean DBW conversion kit that would fit in an OEM+ style build.

Our 2JZ-GTE DBW Throttle body adaptor kit is designed to blend it into the OEM manifold and aesthetic of the engine bay.

The kit allows you to run the popular Bosch 74mm DBW throttle body in a clean-looking way.

This kit is made to fit your existing intercooler piping with the OEM throttle body (using the hose adaptor).

The latest version now features a built-in sensor port designed for a Bosch MAP+IAT Multisensor. This streamlines the setup by minimizing the number of hoses and sensors attached to your intake.

It also provides a convenient Plug-and-play, solution for adding IAT and MAP sensors, without requiring any modifications to the manifold or adapter.

The sensor is positioned to avoid potential oil buildup in your intake, and blends into the engine bay giving it a stock appearance.

As of today, the kit is tested to work with OEM and Radium fuel rails.

The full kits are delivered with an original Bosch Throttle body and OEM Toyota bolts and gaskets where possible (hardware, o-rings, bolts).

The quick clamp adaptor is made to fit vibrant, epman, and other known clamp kits and can also be supplied separately.

(For use in Toyota’s and Lexus’s, we also offer DBW pedals separately)

Kit includes:

  • Front Throttle body adaptor
  • Bosch 74mm Throttle body
  • Manifold to throttle body adaptor
  • All needed hardware and gaskets


Available configurations:

  • Full kit for VVTi quick clamp
  • Full kit for VVTi hose adaptor
  • Full kit for Non VVTi quick clamp
  • Full kit for Non VVTi hose adaptor

Sensor port versions, with and without sensor included* (additional costs)

Also available as individual parts:

For any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!