In the pursuit of increased reliability, longevity, ease of maintenance, as well and looks and quality feel, we have gone all the way and developed a completely hardlined and clean-looking turbo kit for the JZ platform where no detail has been overlooked!
Our turbo kits are designed to be plug-and-play and are meticulously handcrafted.

Our manifolds are crafted from 321 titanium-stabilized stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is specially formulated to withstand high-temperature applications and remains intact under heavy loads (big turbos).

The use of 321 stainless steel allows us to reduce the manifold’s wall thickness to 2mm, resulting in weight savings, while avoiding the common issues associated with 304 stainless steel manifolds.
Additionally, the manifold has been specially designed to maximize space for the compressor housing, oil return, studs, and nuts. We have extensively tested the manifold on various layouts of sump, engine mount, and chassis configurations to ensure its compatibility.

The Garrett G series turbos require little introduction. They combine high efficiency at high compression ratios with a compact design. These turbos are not only perfect for a responsive build but also capable of satisfying the power needs of the majority of builds, boasting impressive horsepower ratings of 900 or 1050 hp in the G35 size.
We have been thoroughly impressed with the performance of these turbos in our own builds, achieving 900 crank hp on 98 octane fuel using the G35-1050 model.
Moreover, these turbos are water-cooled, which further assures us that they will continue to serve you reliably in the long term!

Turbosmart, known as the industry standard for wastegates, sets the bar high by providing the most compact designs and unmatched reliability. This makes their products a perfect match for our kits.
To further ensure the longevity and dependability of the turbo, we incorporate a Turbosmart inline oil filter. This additional measure serves as extra insurance, aligning with our commitment to prioritize durability and reliability!

The kit includes a custom coolant bypass tube, designed by CBS, to prevent any collisions with downpipes. This results in a neat setup behind the engine while still allowing you to use the efficient OEM oil heat exchanger.
Additionally, the tube has an AN fitting for the turbo coolant. This means that even if you change your water pump later on, there’s no need to get a customized rear housing. You can simply replace it as you normally would.

We also provide a new modified top water neck as part of the kit. This modified water neck has the OEM coolant nipples removed and, in their place, features an AN6 fitting specifically for the turbo coolant.
Additionally, the kit includes a new thermostat housing. This replacement is necessary because the OEM GTE thermostat housing tends to interfere with the hot side intercooler tubing, and the new one resolves this issue seamlessly.

PLEASE NOTE: Our kit is NOT compatible with straight-down type billet or otherwise thermostat housings!

And last but not least, the highlight of our kit is the full 304 stainless steel hardlines! These hardlines are meticulously crafted by hand and hardsoldered, using high-quality 304 stainless steel for both the lines and fittings.
To ensure their reliability, we subject them to rigorous testing. They are pressure-tested to withstand at least 150 bar continuously and proven not to burst even at 600 bar.

Banjo bolts are used as well as AN tube nuts. Banjos are used in places where tube nuts would be inconvenient, allowing for proper torque of the bolts and nuts without the need for wrench adjustments in tight spaces. It’s worth noting that the banjo bolts are made from zinc-plated steel rather than stainless steel!
Stainless steel is “softer” than steel and does not allow for as much torque and does not keep its preload as well when heated. For this reason, the banjo bolts are made from steel, not stainless.
Furthermore, all bolts are custom-made to precisely fit the turbo and engine. For example, they include a 1mm restrictor in the oil feed, similar to the original Garrett G35 AN4 adapter.

Our turbo kits include:

  • CBS Racing 321 titanium stabilized stainless steel tubular manifold
  • Garrett G-series turbo
  • Turbosmart ProGate50 wastegate
  • Turbosmart Inline Oilfilter
  • Mac 4 port boost control solenoid
  • Cleaned OEM water neck with AN6 for turbo coolant
  • OEM thermostat houseing bored up to fit GTE water pump
  • CBS Racing single turbo coolant bypass tube with AN6 for turbo coolant
  • Bracket with 4-port boost solenoid and inline turbo oil filter
  • Stainless steel oil feed hardlines
  • Stainless steel flexible oil return and OEM oil return hose
  • Stainless steel coolant hardlines for turbo
  • Stainless steel hardlines for boost controller and wastegate
  • 6x EGT ports
  • 1x Backpresure port

Optional additions:

  • Stainless steel downpipe with an OEM location flange or V band
  • Screamer pipe or recirculating wastegate
  • Intake tube with air filter
  • Turbo speed sensor
  • Back pressure sensor
  • 6x EGT sensors

Intercooler tubing for some models can also be prefabricated by us, please contact us if you would like this service.

Any other custom requests please don’t hesitate to contact us!