CBS Racing presents Helical 200mm Limited Slip Differential Cores!

Blown up your OEM Torsen? Dealing with a troublesome open diff that leaves just one tire mark behind? Seeking a smooth, quiet alternative to the 1.5 and 2-way clutch pack LSDs for your streetcar?

Look no further— we have the solution!

Introducing the Helical Limited Slip Differential, offering numerous advantages over both your stock Torsen and clutch pack-style LSDs for streetcars and some racecars.

  • Experience the same smooth and noise-free operation as your stock open and Torsen differential, but in a MUCH stronger package.
  • No additional maintenance required.
  • No clutch packs or any other parts that need servicing or contaminate the oil when in use.

These differential cores are designed to fit the 200mm case, commonly found in many Toyota and Lexus models, including:

  • A80 Supra
  • S160 Aristo/GS300/400/430
  • Celsior/LS430/LS400
  • Soarer/SC300/400
(Supra/Aristo/Soarer) - 200mm Helical Mechanical Differential


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Shipping available worldwide!

For those looking to refresh the entire differential, we also offer a new 11-piece OEM bearing and gasket set!

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