The Tom’s Aristo that arrived at CBS Racing a couple of months ago, has gone through a huge transformation and it’s now ready for RDW and then hitting the streets!
It has also a hidden secret hanging off the exhaust, which means it will be back soon again for some fun upgrades!

We started out replacing the lower ball joints and all 4 drop links which were all dry rotted.
We then proceeded to remove all aftermarket electronics and other things cluttering up the body loom and interior to make a nice clean slate to work on.

The big job begins:

  • Full engine teardown.
  • Replacement of all fluids and gaskets – these had after 15 years of Japanese sun, completely dried out and disintegrated!
  • Replacement of the OEM bolts with ARP head studs to make sure the head stayed on firmly once we started pushing more air into the cylinders with the Hybrid Twin Turbos!
  • Steel turbine wheels and GT28RS Billet compressor wheels.
  • All OEM gaskets were replaced where needed (again with OEM gaskets) – And our own high-quality rebuild kit was used for the VVTi Head.

Thereafter, the car was sent off to get a fresh coat of paint to make it the outside match the newness of the inside!

Finally, replacement of the entire front end bushes with bushings from SuperPro (Suspension Parts). And now this Aristo will enjoy the security of the SuperPro lifetime guarantee!

We are proud to have been a part of bringing this car back to the glory it had when rolling off the showroom floor and we are looking forward to seeing this being used as a daily driver for the world to see on a daily basis!

***UPDATE (19-02-2020) ***

The Toyota Aristo came back to the shop for a custom intake and exhaust system!
Everything build in-house at the CBS Racing garage and professionally powder coated for a clean and stylish result.