100% Brand new and fully custom-built 2JZ-GTE VVTI Engine has safely arrived at our friend and customer in Gran Canaria! And when we say brand new, we mean BRAND NEW! Forget about those “freshly bored and machined” engines. This engine has never revved a single RPM under its own power.

This engine comes with some awesome upgrades over stock parts, along with a complete single turbo setup:

▪️  Kelford 248 Cams

▪️ BC Valve springs and TI retainers

▪️ BC Billet keepers

▪️ BC Intake and Exhaust valves

▪️ Shimless buckets

▪️ Secured with ARP Headstuds

▪️ Includes Radium PCV adapters

▪️ Fluidampr

About the turbo kit:

▪️ Complete G35-1050 turbo kit

▪️ Fitted with Garrett G35-1050, 1.01 AR turbine housing, and a modified compressor housing

▪️  Connected with CBS V-band 321 stainless manifold and CBS hardline kit

▪️ Turbosmart GenV Progate50 and 4-port boost control solenoid

▪️ Includes Turbosmart oil feed filter and Funk Motorsport turbo blanket

Remaining parts:

▪️ All auxiliary parts such as airco pump, alternator, power steering pump, and viscous fan – also brand new.

▪️ Equipped with CBS DBW conversion

▪️ Radium Fuel Rail, Radium Direct Mount Regulator, and Radium Fuel Pulse Damper

▪️ DW 1200cc Injectors and Bosch Multi sensors for fuel and oil

▪️ Flex fuel compatible

▪️ NGK Coil packs and Bosch Knock sensors

Before shipping the engine, we made sure it was equipped with a full custom CBS wiring harness for a MaxxECU PRO, suitable for both Manual and DCT/8HP transmissions.

The engine was also pre-pressurized with oil prior to shipment, ensuring a smooth start-up experience. We take care to flush the system and fill it with a generous amount of oil, making it a very easy start time after time.

All other parts not mentioned in this list are brand-new OEM parts.

Interested in getting your own brand new 2JZ?

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