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    Cooling system

    There is more to it than just adding a bigger radiator. To make sure your cooling system is running optimally and efficiently we also take airflow, engine thermal efficiency, and fan setup/placement into consideration, which is just as important.


    We start off by defining the engines power output and determine the available space in the car for upgrades.

    For most streetcars, running an upgraded (aluminum) radiator is more than enough.

    However, for track cars, it’s a different story. For some types of competition f.x. drifting, the cooling system has to be built for all-day endurance and have the radiator in the back of the vehicle in order to prevent damage when crashing, whereas drag racers demand a lightweight, low power but highly efficient cooling system for short runs where a lot of heat is created.

    CBS has possibilities for all kind of cars, with different required setups – whether it’s for street, drag or drift.