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    The suspension of your car is probably the most underrated and least understood part for most owners. Yet also the part of your car that actually gives you the driving joy, just as much as horsepower!

    Just installing a set of coilovers and some expensive tires will not necessarily produce the results you want. It takes planning and an idea of what your end goal is and then finding a solution that suits you. For that, you might need some advice and we are more than happy to help!


    It can be challenging finding the right compromise between comfort and driving dynamics. Therefore, we can help advise the customer select the needed parts best suited for their wishes and goals.

    Whether you are going for a low look, a circuit racing setup or a nice comfortable but still dynamic street setup, being dealers of multiple brands of suspension part manufacturers. CBS Racing can provide the right selection of control arms, coilovers with the correct spring rates, chassis braces and in the end how to align it all.