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2JZ-GTE VVTi Engines for sale

Considering buying an engine? In addition to our stock of engines, are 1JZ and 2JZ-GTE engines now also available! We test and check all our engine before being shipped, and can be viewed at our shop as well if desired ... Read More

CBS Racing DriftCamp

CBS Racing DRIFTcamp - 703d MUNSS, Last Saturday CBS Racing, in collaboration with 703d MUNSS, arranged our first DriftCamp at Test Track Thedinga. A two-day drift event including a briefing day and of course, a day on the track! We ... Read More

Helical 200mm Limited Slip Diff Cores

CBS Racing presents Helical 200mm Limited Slip Differential Cores! Blown up your OEM Torsen? Running an open diff and having problems with only leaving one line behind? Want a smooth running Chatter and noise free alternative to the 1.5 and ... Read More

Driftcamp Burdinski

Team CBS Racing at DRIFTcamp Burdinski When the smell of burnt rubber increases your adrenaline levels, when you hear the squealing of hot tires on asphalt like music and when the roar of powerful engines puts you the hair on ... Read More