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About us


Starting small, we have grown into a modern and innovative garage specialized in Lexus and Toyota. We strive to be the ‘first choice shop’ for Toyota and Lexus drivers, whether it’s for new or used parts, car maintenance or car upgrades.

Through passion, enthusiasm and hard work, we gained first-hand experience in Japanese cars, especially our favorite brands, Lexus and Toyota.

Through the years we have collected all the latest tools, technical data, wiring diagrams and most importantly, experience.  With those, we dare to guarantee that our services meet the highest of standards.

Quality and customer service are of our highest importance and we strive to keep raising our already high set standards.
For every customer.


Our general workshop for normal road cars. Get your Toyota or Lexus maintained at a higher quality level than your local garage. Being specialized in these two brands mean we have the required experience, tools and technical data on all Toyota & Lexus models.

We are official dealers of original Toyota & Lexus parts (Toyota Europe), guaranteeing that the quality of parts is as high as the work we do.

CBS Automotive also has a large stock of secondhand Toyota / Lexus parts, both for using during repairs and/or for selling separately. This also helps with keeping down the costs for our customers during intensive repairs.

Our motorsport division – here we make cars go fast!

From full racecar builds, to engine and powertrain upgrades, adding turbo & superchargers, improving handling by upgrading suspension and brakes, fitting of aftermarket parts to adding a little spoiler that makes your car stand out from the rest… Anything you’ll need!

CBS Racing also does full engine rebuilds, gearbox rebuilds, fabricates custom intakes & exhausts, and wiring looms. Anything to make your car custom or faster!

*** COMING ***

Can’t wait?  Contact us through our page and we will help you find what you are looking for!

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